Developing your 30 day growth plan

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It is true that everything we want in life will come through our willingness to grow. That is because you can’t give what you don’t have, and you can’t lead where you don’t go. Growth is the only guarantee that tomorrow is going to be better.

Therefore, we want to welcome you on a 30-day growth journey in a mastermind group with like-minded people. In each session, will be an exploration of a different facet of growth, complete with dives into pressing topics, reflection time, and growth-oriented work.

To help you get the most out of your 30 days of growth experience, we want to give you a helpful overview of the course.

First of all, the course is comprised of 3 main sections.

  • Axis # 1 is Assessment: Where am I?
  • Axis # 2 is Ambition: Where am I going?
  • Axis # 3 is Advancement: How will I get there?

In the Assessment section, you will hear from My mentor John C Maxwell (in three separate videos) on three indisputable laws that will help you understand where you currently are in life.

  • The Law of intentionality
  • The law of Awareness
  • The Law of the mirror

In the Ambition section, John will share three laws to help you understand where you are going.

  • The law of Curiosity
  • The Law of Modeling
  • The Law of Expansion

And DO NOT miss the last section. In Advancement: How will I get there?… Dr. Maxwell pulls back the curtain on

  • The Law of consistency
  • The Law of Environment
  • The Law of Design

As a group, we will also have time to discuss the lessons as they relate to our own specific needs and experiences and form our own accountability groups to help us walk the journey of growth as we apply the timeless principles we shall learn together.

To register for the course, click on the buy now button and once you have registered, you will receive a workbook to help you follow the course once in a session and take notes as well for future reference on your growth journey.

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